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Sublimation Sheets

Sublimation Sheets
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Sublimation Sheets

** This listing is for printing services on to Dye Sublimation paper. We take the high quality artwork that you send us and print it on dye sublimation paper and ship it to you.

**Images need to be png 300 dpi or higher. Email to

** Dye Sublimation will not work on Cotton garments unless it has at least 65% polyester blended with it.

** There is no White Ink with Dye Sublimation so attempting to sublimate on anything black will not work.

** We discourage the use of a home iron to apply dye sublimation. Home irons typically do not get hot enough. Dye sublimation is best applied using a heat press machine where you can adjust time, temperature, and pressure.

** Dye Sublimation is applied between 390-400 degrees for between 45-60 seconds at medium pressure. Place a sheet of butcher paper under AND on top of the garment and dye sublimation transfer to prevent scorching of the garment. Don't assume that all polyester garments can handle the heat. Some garments will scorch at 400 degrees and you might need to lower the temperature or shorten the sublimation time or both. Practice makes perfect.

What can I sublimate on? What CAN'T you sublimate on?! The list is very long. Basically, any substrate that has been coated with a polyester base will receive dye under heat and pressure.
Light Colored Polyester Fabric (Shirts, Masks, Socks, Gloves, etc.)
Stainless Steel Tumblers coated with a polyester base.
Christmas Ornaments
Coffee Mugs
Key Chains
Dog Tags
Pet food Bowls
The list goes on and on...
HINT: Youtube has an amazing catalog of how to videos for Dye Sublimation.

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